Poisoned Ivy

A Fantastic Chronicle in Five Uneasy Pieces
Henry Kingsbury


"May I begin with a little story?"
And he told ... the story of the tortoise who was about to die.
"That story was told to me by an old man. As I stand before you now, that old man who told me that incredible story is being held in solitary confinement at the Bassa Maximum Security Prison. ... Why? I hear you ask. Very well... This is why... Because storytellers are a threat."

Chinua Achebe, Anthills of the Savannah


Author's Foreword

Story One
Laura's Trap

Story Two
Play Ball and Name Names

Story Three
A Well-Planned Snafu

Story Four
The Threat

Story Five
The New Ethnomusicology

Copi-write August 2000
Full Court Press, Kennebunk, Maine